Metal Monkey Mania


What is Metal Monkey Mania?

Metal Monkey Mania was the second large-scale temporary public art exhibit created by Dale Rogers.  Dale has been working as a full time metal sculptor since 2002. His strong passion for public art led him to design his first temporary art exhibit, The Big Dog Show, in 2009. Metal Monkey Mania followed in 2011. 

Metal Monkey Mania was created for the sole purpose of ArtPrize 2011. When Dale saw the Historic Blue Bridge in 2010, he knew that he had to use it for his exhibit the following year, so Metal Monkey Mania was born. The exhibit consisted of 100 CorTen Steel monkeys that could hang from the bridge or from each other by their hands and tails. From approval to installation there were many challenges, but in the end, it was worth it when 100 monkeys were hanging from the bridge.